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The Group of Companies Olimp was founded in the 90s of the XX century

The group has been successfully developing for over 25 years, uniting the efforts of investors from Ukraine, Cyprus, USA.

One of the most successful projects of the company is Malinovsky Technopark.

The Technopark Malinovsky began to be built in 2002. Since then, 4 most modern plants have been built on its territory:

- Distillery Prime,

- Malinovsky Glass Factory,

- Plant of food additives Bicorm,

- The factory of aluminum closures KGS.

Now in the process of completion of construction is Malinovsky Cable Plant and Malinovsky Technopark is one of the largest food technoparks in Ukraine and Europe.

The Group is developing the direction of construction of residential real estate on the basis of the Construction Company "Atlant", as well as commercial real estate.

The Group's management is open to building new production projects. We are looking for ideas and talents!

Offer us a joint production of a competitive cost-effective product and our capacities, knowledge and investments will be at your service!

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